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    5 star review  While my cousin was in town, my family and I took her here. Everyone loved it! The tour guide was kind and we were able to look at the water from a beautiful deck while we waited a short amount of time for our boat to arrive. Additionally, they have an awesome shop and an albino alligator inside the building. Overall, the ride was lots of fun and my family and I learned a lot! I would definitely recommend this for any family that lives in any place. Though, this place is enjoyable for tourists, it is also very fun for families that live in the area.

    thumb Breanna Blankenship

    5 star review  Great experience! Highly recommend! I booked our tour of 14 people with Gina. She was very knowledgeable & helpful & stayed in communication with me. They send emails, call, & text to remind you of pick up times. It was very hot today & our guide was not hopeful that we would see many gators, but we saw at least 7-10! Also were able to see an array of birds, turtles, & fish. Our guide even surprised us by letting us hold a baby gator! He also fed & even grabbed one of the wild ones! The gift shop was very reasonably priced! If you're looking to go fast, book a smaller boat. The large, 30 person boat was still a good time though!

    thumb Maggie Dietrich

    5 star review  Jay was our tour guide and he was AWESOME! He was full of information about the areas wildlife! My favorite adventure of the trip by far. Saw a bunch of Gator's and the tricks that Jay did were amazing! Would definitely recommend and WILL come back!

    thumb Liza Marie

    5 star review  Absolutely gorgeous! Captain Earl was hilarious and informative. He shared lots of info about the history of the area as well as the local wildlife. Its obvious he truly cares about preserving the local swamplands. Would definitely recommend. We got to hold a baby alligator and see a mama gator protecting her nest. Would definitely recommend.

    thumb Nicki Griffith

    5 star review  Saw plenty of alligators and learned many interesting facts about the swamps. The captain was great fun and we even got to hold a baby alligator. We went out in the flat bottom boat which provided great sun cover and was very stable. Took some great photos and video. A must if you visit New Orleans.

    thumb Alun Williams

    5 star review  Great experience. Lots of people there but organized so you know where to go and didn't have to wait long. Boat ride was great as well. Motor is loud but they give you big ear covers. Riding through the swamps is mesmerizing. The captains there are experienced and know where the gators are at. We had a great experience with Corey. Would do it again for sure

    thumb James Zhang

    4 star review  This swamp & bayou tour was so fun! What you did well: The actual tour was fantastic. Our guide was fun & made seeing the alligators completely possible. We got to hold a baby alligator, which was precious. The ride was smoothe & enjoyable. The whole ride was a great experience. What can be worked on: I think the tour has gotten too big for the little venue the ticket/registration office is in. Might need to be expanded, at least the bathrooms because there were so many people & not enough space. Also, the little albino alligator needs a bigger habitat inside.

    thumb Phenix Alessandro

    5 star review  Awesome tour! We visited New Orleans and took several other tours and this is the only one I would recommend! The tour guide was excellent and it was definitely the highlight of our trip. I would definitely do it again!

    thumb Sheryl Coaliron

    5 star review  Cool tour!! We enjoyed it. Seeing the alligators was cool! Had no idea they ate marshmallows?! Our tour guide was great!! I think his name was Hanson? ????????‍♀️

    thumb Akila Haulcy

    5 star review  So much fun! Saw tons of Gators! Our guide was super interesting. Told great stories and encouraged lots of participation and questions. He made sure that everyone on the 30 passenger boat had lots of time to see Gators and other wildlife. I wanna go again and hopefully see a Nutria! Booked my tour through Gators and Ghosts who took care of all my arrangements

    thumb Alan Brown

    5 star review  My husband and I had a blast on our airboat swamp tour. We were on a small boat and our guide was a young local who not only gave a great and informative tour, but he showed great respect for the wetlands and wildlife. He stopped anytime we spotted alligators and he made a special stop when we saw a few bald eagles. The guide also answered all of the questions and gave us opportunities to take great pictures of alligators and birds. Thanks and we hope to see you again!!

    thumb Waylon Klein

    4 star review  Had a great time, our guide was very knowledgable & wanted us to ask questions. Saw a multitude of birds & one alligator came to visit us. The guide taught us all about the ecosystem of the region. Only wish there was more time in the natural channels of the swamp versus the man-made channels. Definitely spring for a smaller boat.

    thumb Leslee Mitchell

    5 star review  Super organized operation from the time we were picked up on the bus, to the airboat, to drop off at our hotel. Our captain was so sweet and clearly loved the gators and habitat. Got beautiful pics and lots of gators were out (plus turtles and birds). Would 100% recommend this to anyone!

    thumb Anastasia M

    5 star review  This was the best experience we’ve had so far while visiting New Orleans. Well worth every penny! Richie made the experience amazing! Such an awesome tour guide, definitely has a passion for what he does. Cant wait to bring our daughter!

    thumb Danielle Adams

    5 star review  We got up close and personal with some gators. It was a lot of fun! And educational, our guide was very exited to share about the bayous history, wildlife, and vegetation. The boats goes pretty fast. Highly recommend.

    thumb Letriece Patton

    5 star review  Fun. We did see baby alligators in the wild. For future reference, don't go on one of these tours if it's cold; the gators are inactive at low temperatures because their stomachs can't digest food below a certain temperature, so they don't hunt or eat. Also, if you have a car, save yourself a bunch of money and drive down to their office instead of taking the motorcoach. It's an easy drive.

    thumb Joel S

    5 star review  We took the small boat tour with Steve as our guide. He was raised in the area and clearly knows and loves the wetlands. The swamp is beautiful with Spanish moss everywhere. We saw many birds, a few small alligators, a turtle, otter, and a few nutria and that's in the cold season! I would definitely recommend!

    thumb Gabrielle Crane

    5 star review  Me and my fiance were celebrating our recent engagement in New Orleans right before Christmas this year. I spoke with Brittany about the tour and she took excellent care of us. She booked us the tour on the day with the best weather and the type of boat we wanted. When we got their we walked right out and got on our boat. The boats were new and in great condition. Even tho it wasn't the best time of year we saw over 15 gators and all types of wildlife. The captain was very knowledgeable about the swamp and you could tell his heart was in the bayou. I would highly recommend this tour over the other companies out there! Thank you for a wonderful experience, we will be back in the summer time for sure!

    thumb Douglas Robinson

    5 star review  My wife and I were very satisfied with our Airboat tour. We saw way more gators then we were expecting along with lots of other wild life. Our guide was very knowledgeable and personable making the tour a lot of fun. Tour was about an hour and a half. The company offered a free shuttle service from our hotel which we found very convenient. Would definitely recommend paying extra for the smaller boats, they were able to get into tighter spaces and you can interact more with the guides.

    thumb Timothy Ryan

    5 star review  Very touristy and arranged with almost military precision as you're herded onto the boats, but I was a tourist and loved every minute. Did the small boat ride and our 'captain', Alan (Alain?) was brilliant. Very knowledgeable and eyes like a hawk, he could spot an alligator at an amazing distance and let everyone on the boat feed one of the bigger ones, using a stick thankfully! We had a good mix of fast bits mixed with stops to look at the flora and fauna. We also had a great race back to base with one of the other boats, too, which I really enjoyed. Highly recommended. They even collect from hotels if you've no car.

    thumb simonali6819