How to Get The Best Bayou Tours in New Orleans—Book Online!

April 8, 2019

If you’ve been a fan of Adventures of Jean Lafitte for a while, then you know that we’re the best bayou tours around. Happen to be new to New Orleans or visiting for the first time? Bienvenue, Welcome! For old and new faces alike, we do our best to not only make a good tour experience, but also an easy online booking experience. Nobody wants to wrestle with a complicated site. Why get frustrated when you’re planning something fun? We’ve made sure that our website is not only beautiful, but user-friendly as well. We provide the best bayou tours in New Orleans. Book online today!

Booking Online Is Easy

At Adventures of Jean Lafitte, we’ve made it easy to book online. By using this link or pressing the button at the top of our website, you can book online in a snap. With straightforwardness in mind, we laid out everything you need on the booking page.

The booking page itself is split into left and right sides. On the right, the first thing you see is information about the tour. You’ll also see an image of one of our experienced ship captains feeding an alligator—so you know exactly what’s in store! You might be so lucky to see lots of guys just like that gator on your own trip.

Underneath we present our rates for every age, how long our tours last, and a small summary of the activity. Using the calendar on the left, you can schedule your tour for any of the times that are available.

Once you choose your time, you can choose how many tickets you would like for each age group. We do not allow small children on the boat unless they are accompanied by an adult. You’ll have to schedule your adult ticket before theirs. We then give you an option to let us know how you heard about us and if you would like hotel pickup for an additional (but totally worth it) fee.

Underneath, your total is displayed with proof that your information is secure. Finally, there are places to put in your contact and payment information. Next to these is some additional disclaimer information you may need. We strongly suggest that you read this in case of changes before your tour time.

For the best bayou tours in New Orleans, book online today!

Contact The Adventures of Jean Lafitte

Today, technology lets us do things that were never thought possible even ten years ago. Using the phone was the only tour-booking option back then. Today, you can avoid using the phone altogether and book online! And even this option is constantly evolving. It’ll be exciting to see where it goes in five, ten, or twenty years from now. One thing that’ll remain the same? The exciting fun you’ll have on one of our swamp tours!

Our lovely headquarters can be found in Lafitte, which is a short distance from the Crescent City. Our address is 5145 Fleming Park Road and please make sure to arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled tour time. Have any questions for us? Contact us at or by using our online form. We can’t wait to see you on the water!