More Alligator Facts From Our Alligator Tour In New Orleans

November 11, 2019

If you’ve never been to the Gulf area, you’ve probably never seen an alligator. But anyone down here will tell you—the swamp is the best place to see them! Before you take a bayou adventure, find out more about these modern dinosaurs with Adventures of Jean Lafitte. You might even surprise your friends and family with what you know.

Are There Different Kinds Of Alligators?

Everyone knows the American alligator! It’s famously found along the Gulf Coast and a fan favorite of those perusing the swamp. But there is, in fact, another type of gator out there—the Chinese alligator.

Chinese gators are much smaller than their American counterparts. American gators can grow up to 15 feet, but Chinese gators cap out at about six or seven. If these two are ever in the room together and can’t be differentiated by size, another good way to tell is by looking at the snout. Chinese gators have a smaller and more upturned snout, making them tend to look like caimans. 

Unfortunately, both of these big reptiles have had their issues with their population. Currently, the Chinese gator populace is around 100 in the wild. On the other hand, there is some good news. Many zoos and conservation teams have been having a good time repopulating their numbers. And on the American side, they have moved into the ‘least concern’ category, now with numbers well into 2 million!

While there are only two types of gators out there, there are many creatures that tend to be confused for these beasts. Caimans, crocodiles…even smaller creatures such as lizards from time to time!

Are Alligators Like Frogs?

We get this question more often than you’d think! But it has a rather long-winded answer. Because yes, they are alike, but then, no—they’re very different.

The main difference is that gators are giant reptiles and frogs are amphibians. Amphibians spend a good amount of time in the water and need to be wet in order to be healthy. While alligators spend a good amount of time in the water, they aren’t amphibians. We can usually tell if a creature is amphibious or not by their skin. If a critter has scales—you know this is a reptile. On the other hand, amphibians have smooth skin they breathe and drink through. Additional differences can go on and on, depending on the specific species.

But like we said, they’re also very similar. Many amphibians lay eggs just as lizards do, but their eggs are often in the water and are soft to the touch. And while amphibians have webbed feet, most reptiles have clawed toes. However, some reptiles like the gator also have webbed toes for swimming! On top of everything, both amphibians and reptiles are cold-blooded creatures. But while reptiles bask in the heat, amphibians don’t want to risk drying out their skin. They instead look for a sweet spot of just right humidity. Overall, these two types of creatures can be very similar. So similar, in fact, that amphibians were once considered reptiles for a time.

So, yes, gators are like frogs, but they’re full of differences too!

Take A Ride With Our Alligator Tour In New Orleans

Ready to learn more about Louisiana’s gators? Schedule your tour with us today and take your adventure tomorrow. Have a question for us about our processes? Please feel free to call us at 504-323-0570 or send us a message. We want to make sure that your alligator tour in New Orleans is one to remember.

Jump On A Gator Tour In New Orleans!

July 23, 2019

Summer is finally upon us and with it brings the good ole Louisiana heat! And no, we don’t just mean the spice in our food. The days are long and the sun is beaming it’s rays down upon the glistening marshes of Lafitte, Louisiana. As summer comes into full swing, our alligators are becoming more and more active during the day. This means it is the perfect time to grab some amazing photos during our gator tour in New Orleans! 

On the Adventures of Jean Lafitte you can see a menagerie of Louisiana wildlife. Buried deep within our beautiful bayous⁠—our gators love basking in the bountiful Louisiana sun. As temperatures outside swell, Louisiana wildlife becomes undeniably animated. So why not take a ride on the water and see more for yourself?

Did You Know?

Did you know Louisiana has the highest alligator population out of any US state? These alligators are found in many kinds of bodies of water all throughout Louisiana. The highest populations of these living dinosaurs occur in coastal marshes, like Bayou Barataria. With a population of over 2 million, our swamps are teeming with these lizards. If you’re looking for a gator tour, here’s an opportunity to jump in on some authentic bayou action. 

Go on a wild gator tour in New Orleans at the Adventures of Jean Lafitte!

Our swamps are brimming with other coastal wildlife as well. Did you know Louisiana has a considerable otter population? What about wild pigs? In fact, Louisiana is home to over 155 species of bird, 48 different types of mammals, 56 types of reptiles, and over 30 species of amphibians!  Louisiana offers one of the most diverse ecosystems in the entire world. 

Louisiana is also home to an assortment of threatened or endangered animal species. In Louisiana, there are 23 protected animal species. Among those species are various sea turtles, red-cockaded woodpeckers, and American bald eagles! If you’re lucky you can see them all on your tour.

Book A Gator Tour In New Orleans Today!

Down here in the bayou, we believe in making memories that will last a lifetime. That’s why we take so many pictures! You can take photos just like ours when you embark on our gator tour in New Orleans. So are you ready to see what the bayou brings in? You can book your tour right here to join us in the bayou.  Have a question for us that you didn’t find on our FAQ? Not a problem. You can contact one of our representatives online or give us a call at (504)323-0570.

Less than an hour south of the city, our pontoon boats are full of people getting an authentic Louisiana adventure! This gator tour in New Orleans offers an unmatched experience for anyone willing to set foot in the swamp. But be warned, here be dragons!

Get Ready For a New Orleans Alligator Tour

January 21, 2019

Quick! Name the first ten things that come to mind when you think of Louisiana … OK, got them? We’re going to guess that among the ten are Cajun food, Mardi Gras, New Orleans, bayous, and… alligators. Now, though they’re the state’s official reptile, it’s not like you can see them on every corner. But if you are looking for a New Orleans alligator tour, Adventures of Jean Lafitte is here to serve!

Tour New Orleans… And More!

A New Orleans vacation is sure to be unforgettable. The atmosphere and culture are unmatched in the United States. The people are friendly, and the food is delicious. But hopefully, your itinerary allows for a jaunt outside the city limits. The REAL Louisiana has to be experienced on the water and in the bayous. Bayou tours take you into the Cajun heartland. Get a firsthand experience of this unique ecosystem which, of course, includes alligators.

How To Book

New Orleans ain’t called “The Big Easy” for nothing. Book your bayou tour in just a few clicks. Booking in advance is encouraged—those gators are pretty popular. Choose your day, time, and how many are in your party. We offer three tours a day, seven days a week. Tours are conducted on pontoon boats that allow wheelchairs and strollers via a ramp. This way, the whole family can participate. Also, children aged four and under are free! Need your tour to be even easier? Adventures of Jean Lafitte will pick you up from your New Orleans hotel. It’s our foolproof method you won’t get lost.

Fun Facts About Alligators

Now that you’re ready to take your trip, let’s prep you with some fun facts about alligators. You might even impress your tour guide with some of this knowledge.

  • Alligators and crocodiles are closely related, but these two reptiles are very different. You’ll only see alligators in Louisiana. They also differ from crocs in their black color and their wider, rounded snouts.
  • The American alligator can be as long as 11 feet and weigh 1,000 pounds,  
  • They have between 74 and 80 teeth, and their bite is the one of the most forceful of any living animal. (Don’t worry—you’ll be safe on the boat!)  
  • Alligators are carnivores (we bet you probably already knew that). What many people don’t know is that they’re also known to eat fruit!
  • In the United States, alligators live in the south, from North Carolina to Texas. Their habitats are mainly lakes. Swamps, and slow-moving rivers. (BONUS FACT: The word “bayou” is derived from a Choctaw word meaning “small stream.”)   

Go On Your New Orleans Alligator Tour

Adventures of Jean Lafitte is less than 45 minutes from the French Quarter. It’s near the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve and is the most authentic New Orleans alligator tour you could see. You’ll experience the best of Louisiana! Schedule your visit today online or call 504-323-0570.