The Premier Pontoon Boats Adventure in New Orleans

August 20, 2019

Are you traveling to the Crescent City? If so, you’ve surely heard about the good ole’ Louisiana swamps. Whether you’re coming down to for the food or music, any local will tell you to go see the beautiful Louisiana swamps. While there are many ways to see the swamp in all her glory, ask anyone who knows the area—you have to tour the swamps on a pontoon boat! It’s the only way to get the real feel of the bayou. But what is a pontoon boat anyways? Fortunately for you, the Adventures of Jean Lafitte offers the premier pontoon boats adventure in New Orleans.

What Is A Pontoon Boat?

So, what even is a pontoon boat? By definition, a pontoon boat “is a flattish boat that uses multiple pontoons to float.” Helpful, right? So let’s break it down. These pontoons are tubes that contain a lot of reserve buoyancy. With these pontoons being underneath the boat,  a large deck area is a pretty standard occurrence. Pontoons take on various shapes and sizes but ultimately they support a large amount of weight while remaining very sturdy and quick. In the boating world, pontoon popularity is at an all-time high!

Take Part Of The Premier Pontoon Boats Adventure in New Orleans

What The Adventures of Jean Lafitte Offers

So you’re acquainted with what a pontoon boat is, but maybe you’re still wondering where to find the premier pontoon boats adventure in New Orleans. Well, you’re in luck—the Adventure of Jean Lafitte provides pontoon tours down in the beautiful bayou Barataria. Because our guests’ parties vary in size, we have two sizes of boats available for use. Our smaller boats are faster due to size and can accommodate six to eight passengers at a time. On the other hand, our larger pontoon boats can carry 15 to 30 passengers and still offers an informative experience at a slightly slower pace.

Wondering how you’ll get to our location? There’s no need. If you’re staying somewhere in the city of New Orleans, we offer hotel pickup! Ensure that your group is ready an hour and a half before your scheduled pontoon tour so our drivers can swing by. These drivers are on a tight schedule, so it’s important to be waiting outside at your pickup location. After all, it would be a shame to miss your tour into the sensational Bayou Barataria.

Book The Premier Pontoon Boats Adventure in New Orleans!

The Adventures of Jean Lafitte provides the premier pontoon boat adventure in all of New Orleans! If you’re ready for your adventure in the beautiful Bayou Barataria, book your tour online today. Have any questions for us? Feel free to contact us online, or visit our FAQ page. Or if you rather, give us a call at (504) 323-0570. Schedule your pontoon tour today and get ready for an experience that lasts a lifetime.