What To Expect On A New Orleans Bayou Tour

December 17, 2018

Sometimes, the most exciting part of traveling is the unexpected. What will it feel like being in a new place? What sounds and sights will you experience? What kind of people will you meet? Logistically though, it helps to know a bit of what to expect so you know what to pack and how to best prepare. Here are a few things to expect on a New Orleans bayou tour with Adventures of Jean Lafitte.

New Orleans Bayou Tour, what to expect on a bayou tour

Experiencing New Orleans

New Orleans is a special place. It fuses Caribbean, European, and African cultures into one American city. The architecture, the food, and the accents all reflect this melting gumbo pot. Another thing that makes this part of the country so unique? The environment. After all, New Orleans is famously below sea level. The area’s bayous, cypress trees, and exotic wildlife are definitely worth experiencing.

How To Get There

“How do I get to my bayou tour?” This question is easy—we’ll pick you up! The bayou is about a 45-minute ride from New Orleans. Our comfortable, punctual buses offer door-to-door service. Or to be a bit more accurate, we provide door-to-dock service! We’ll meet you at your New Orleans hotel and bring you right to the pontoon boat. You won’t have to worry about taxis, Ubers, or following a map. So, you can expect to feel stress-free!

What To Wear

We highly recommend comfortable, casual clothing. It’s the South, so 80% of the year you’re going to want to dress lightly to stay cool in our heat and humidity. But it can sometimes be slightly chillier on the water. You might want to bring a light jacket or sweater. If you’re adventuring in the winter months, then you may dress a little more warmly. You’ll be exposed to the elements on your bayou tour so put your comfort first!

What To Bring

For the most part, you just need to bring yourself and be ready to have fun! But if you want to capture some memories, bring your camera (or your fully charged phone). The boats have an overhead covering, but in case of rain, you might want a poncho or raincoat. Putting your wallet and phone in a plastic baggie can add an extra layer of protection. You’ll also be glad if you bring sunscreen and bug repellant. We love living in south Louisiana, but unfortunately, the mosquitos do too.

What You’ll Ride

A bayou is a slow-moving body of water—you can’t tour it on foot! At Adventures of Jean Lafitte, our tours are on flat pontoon boats. They’re big enough for the whole gang and move slow for you to take EVERYTHING in. Get great pictures of the scenery and wildlife. Hear the sounds of the bayou: its birds, splashes, and breezes. We call the boat the Cajun Cadillac because the ride is smooth and you’ll feel like a bayou king!

Book YOUR Bayou Tour

Have more questions? Contact us or call 504-323-0570. Ready to book your bayou tour adventure? You can do it online! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Social media is a great way to scope out some expectations. We’re expecting to see you for a bayou tour sometime soon!