Get Wild on Eco-Tours in New Orleans

September 28, 2018

Louisiana boasts some of the most unique natural landscapes in the country. Sandy beaches on Gulf Coast barrier islands, piney forests along meandering rivers, there’s even a few hills. But perhaps the most famous of the Bayou State’s outdoor scenes are… the bayous! Just a short drive from New Orleans can lead you to these otherworldly landscapes. No Louisiana vacation is complete without adding some eco-tours to your itinerary.

Get Wild on Eco-Tours in New Orleans, eco tours new orleans

Go Wild In New Orleans

You might be planning on getting a little wild in the Big Easy. But we don’t mean just the kind of wild that happens on Bourbon Street. See the real Louisiana outside of the city on an eco-tour in the bayous. The party animals you’ll see out here include alligators, turtles, and raccoons. Nutrias are a tour favorite. They’re the large rodents with orange teeth who make meals of Louisiana’s marshes. Birders will go gaga over the chance to see egrets, herons, and even bald eagles! These characters won’t buy you a drink at Pat O’Brien’s, but they’ll be part of an unforgettable experience in Louisiana’s beautiful outdoors.

Take In The View

Cypress trees, dangling Spanish moss, and palmettos reflected in slow-moving waters. You’ll slowly glide through these stately landscapes. There’s plenty of time to snap some idyllic, enviable Instagram pictures or simply take in the views. Friendly and knowledgeable local guides will tell you the stories of the swamp. They’ll explain the rich ecological and cultural significance. And they can answer whatever questions you throw at them. It’ll be hard to believe you’re only a short drive from the balconies of the French Quarter.

The Ecology of Louisiana

Louisiana’s bayous and swamps play a role in every part of the state’s rich culture. The wildlife it produces became integral to Cajun and Creole cuisine. You can’t have a delicious alligator sauce piquant without the alligator. And what about the famous, sherry-topped turtle soup or a bowl of seafood gumbo? The waterways and flora also play in role in many of the local industries. But modernization, invasive species, and a changing environment have caused this iconic ecosystem to disappear. Eco-tours not only celebrate the area’s beauty and history but also educate visitors about the factors threatening its future.

Eco-Tours That Couldn’t Be Easier

The Adventures of Jean Lafitte offers many bayou tours every day. And we even pick you up from your New Orleans hotel! It’s never been easier to get ecological in the Big Easy. In just a 45-minute drive, you’re transported to another world. Our 90-minute eco-tours are affordable and memorable. Meet tour guides who grew up surrounded by the wildlife of Louisiana. They’re so excited to share their passion with visitors. All of our pontoons are piloted by U.S. Coast Guard-certified captains. Call us at 504-323-0570 if you have some questions or go ahead and book a tour now. We look forward to hosting you.


Bayou Tours: See The World Just Outside New Orleans

September 4, 2018

Bayou Tours: See The World Just Outside New Orleans

Why do people travel? To experience something new and different. To see unique landscapes and taste exotic foods. Louisiana is the perfect destination for those seeking new, different, unique, and exotic. If you’re planning on visiting New Orleans, consider adding Bayou Tours to your trip. With Adventures of Jean Lafitte, provide an easy, affordable—and unforgettable— Louisiana experience.  

The Real Louisiana

The frivolity and cuisine of New Orleans are understandably high on everyone’s bucket lists. But you haven’t truly experienced Louisiana until you step into our bayous. Our bayou tours make it hassle-free. Adventures of Jean Lafitte will pick you up right from your New Orleans hotel. Our launch is only about 35-40 minutes from the Crescent City in the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve.

Bayou Tours At Your Speed

Choose from one of our many daily tours. Tours are offered throughout the year at a variety of times—from 9:45 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Once you arrive, you’ll board one of our pontoons driven by a U.S. Coast Guard-certified captain. All boats are wheelchair- and stroller-friendly and the tour is appropriate for all ages. You’ll see moss-strewn cypress trees, local wildlife boasting both feathers and scales, and meet some true Cajuns—their wit and stories are often the main attraction! Check out our photo galleries to get an appetizer.

Float Back In Time

Our namesake, Jean Lafitte, was a dastardly pirate in the early 19th century. Despite his reputation of looting and smuggling, Louisiana remembers him as a hero for his role in the Battle of New Orleans. Our tours take you even further back in time than this legendary buccaneer. You’ll experience the state’s untouched bayous as some of the original settlers of Louisiana, the Cajuns, did in the 1700s.

Unsurprisingly, alligators are the official state reptiles of Louisiana. You’re very likely to see at least one of these giant lizards on one of our bayou tours. Biologically speaking, they are the living descendants of dinosaurs. The sight of one of these huge creatures sunbathing on a log may just transport you to prehistoric times as well. In 90 minutes, you’re transversing millennia of history!

New Orleans’ Bayou Tours

Ready to drift back in time and confront the REAL Louisiana? Book your tour—and schedule your hotel pickup—right from our website! We accept all major credit cards. You can also contact us online or call 504-323-0570 if you have questions or special requests.

To further prepare for your trip, check out our list of frequently asked questions and this handy guide on what to pack. In the meantime, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to tide your excitement until you set sail with us.