The Premier Pontoon Tour In New Orleans

March 18, 2019

Coming down to New Orleans for the spring? The locals would tell any tourist that they should see the swamps that thrive in Louisiana. And anyone who knows swamps know that the type of boat you use matters! The Adventures of Jean Lafitte just so happens to use pontoon boats on our swamp tours. Of all the boats and tours out there, why should you decide to go on a pontoon tour in New Orleans?

What We Offer

The Adventures of Jean Lafitte provides pontoon tours in New Orleans, but what does that mean? Because our guest’s parties can really range in size, we have two sizes of boats available. Our smaller boat is faster and fits smaller parties. On the other hand, our larger boat is much slower and fits much larger parties of people.

If you’re staying in a hotel within the city of New Orleans, we offer hotel pickup! Please be ready to leave an hour and a half before your scheduled pontoon tour time. Our drivers have a short window to pick up everybody. So, it’s helpful to be waiting outside your pickup location.

Our tours themselves last around an hour and a half on the water. Once you drift through the Bayou Barataria, you’ll be able to see creatures and flora of all shapes and sizes. On our tours, you’ll be likely to see:

  • Egrets
  • Alligators
  • Nutria
  • Ibis
  • Magnolias
  • Spanish Moss
  • And more!

There’s enough space on our pontoon to have a bag, stretch your legs, and comfortably see the sights and sounds of the swamp.  

How Do Pontoon Boats Work?

In the boating world, pontoon boats are at a height of popularity. That being said, how exactly do they work? A straightforward name, pontoon boats rely on pontoons to float on the water.

Pontoons are devices that take on various shapes. These cause the boat to be able to float on the water while carrying large amounts of weight. Because the pontoons are located on the sides and under boats, the topside deck has tons of space! Once on the boat feel free to walk around when we’re stationary to see the sights and sounds of the bayou!

Schedule A Pontoon Tour in New Orleans

The Adventures of Jean Lafitte provides the best pontoon tour in New Orleans. If you’re ready to book your tour of the swamp, you can easily book online! Have some questions for us? You can contact us directly, call us from 504-323-0570, or email us at When you’re coming to see us, make sure you put 5145 Fleming Park Road in your GPS if we’re not picking you up. Because we can’t wait to take you on an adventure!